Update on Publishing

Life has a funny way of changing our plans. God allows things to enter our lives that we didn’t plan, and that’s okay. God sits in the heavens, doing as He pleases (Psalm 115.3), which is not to say that what happens to us is merely fate. God’s plans are much better than mine.

For almost two years now, several huge life-dominating situations prevented me from work on the book as I had planned. I am starting to get back on track again. I see how the events of the last two years has refined me personally and (I hope and expect) improved this book.

By God’s grace, I will be publishing the book in installments on Kindle. A cover design is already in the works. My editor is just waiting to get the manuscript. All I have to do is to finish the next draft for one more chapter, and the Penteteuch will be live on Kindle. I will post updates as they become available.

About Matt Jury

Saved by grace, husband, father, coffee lover, book seller, barbershop harmony lover

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